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3-year fundraising partnership with the charity, TWMP Foundation, who support The Washing Machine Project

Oxfam International logo
Oxfam International

Through the Iraq Response Innovation Lab, TWMP received a seed funded grant to pilot washing machines

Care International logo
Care International

Care International have purchased washing machines for distribution in Iraqi refugee camps

Plan International logo
Plan International

Plan International are piloting washing machines in Jordanian refugee camps

University of Bath logo
University of Bath

University of Bath provide placement students, research projects as well grant funding to TWMP

University of Bristol logo
University of Bristol

University of Bristol have provided TWMP with a fully paid internship for a BAME graduate student

Santander Universities logo
Santander Universities

TWMP received an Alumni Innovation 2020 award with Santander Universities

Engineers Without Borders Australia logo
Engineers Without Borders Australia

Co developing a bespoke manual washing machine for island of Vanuatu to respond to recent disposable nappy ban

SETsquared Bath logo
SETsquared Bath

Provided innovation grant to TWMP to continue the research, development and distribution of standalone, off-grid, washing solutions

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NOVO-K Procurement Solutions

Provide TWMP with a paid washing machine every time they sell a product

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Let's work together

We believe in the power of meaningful partnerships. If your organisation is passionate about people and the planet, visit our 'Contact' page and get in touch.